Fuel Up With Chocolate Milk – The Perfect Post-Workout Drink

We all know that milk makes a great choice for your everyday needs – it’s full of everything you need to keep your body going. But did you know that chocolate milk, in addition to tasting great, is a terrific choice for refueling your body after a workout? Read on to discover the many reasons why brown cow may be the beverage you need to keep your muscles in top-shape post-workout.

Chocolate Milk Has The Same Major Nutrients As Regular Milk

Just like plain white milk, chocolate milk contains calcium, vitamin D, and potassium – 3 of the 4 nutrients of concern identified in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It also contains phosphorous, magnesium, protein, riboflavin (which plays a key role in energy metabolism), niacin (which also helps your body convert food into energy), and vitamins A, B12 and D – the nutrients we all need to keep our bodies moving, and our metabolism going strong.

Chocolate Milk Is Perfect For Athletic Nutrition

One cup of chocolate milk has about 8g of protein and 22g of carbohydrates, which makes it perfect for replenishing your tired muscles after a strenuous set. These nutrients are especially important for endurance performance, such as long-distance swimming, cycling, and running, where sustained movement requires high energy and speedy post-exercise muscle recovery. That means that a glass of chocolate milk post-workout helps your muscles bounce back more quickly after you’ve pushed yourself to the limit.

Chocolate Milk Has Electrolytes

Move over sports drinks – when it comes to replacing electrolytes lost through exercise, chocolate milk has you covered! In addition to providing vitamins, protein and carbohydrates, milk contains sodium, potassium, and other minerals that are lost through sweat and which must be replenished after a workout. In fact, a regular glass of chocolate milk has the same potassium-content as a small banana – but with the added benefit of so many more beneficial post-workout nutrients. It’s like a post-workout smoothie but much less expensive, and all you need to do is crack open the carton!

Sweet To You And To Your Body

Some sceptics have raised doubts about the nutrition of chocolate milk because of its sugar content, but this needn’t be a concern. To put it into perspective, chocolate milk has less sugar than the same volume of Gatorade, and more than half of the sugar in chocolate milk is naturally occurring lactose – not added sugar. Studies have shown that the small amounts of sugar are trivial considering the many benefits of chocolate milk that just can’t be replicated. For example, to replace the health benefits of a regular serving of milk or chocolate milk, you’d generally have to choose 3-4 other food items – usually adding more calories and fat without much decrease in the sugar content. Why work harder than you have to when it won’t be an improvement?

Chocolate Milk Tastes Great

Sure, that kale-avocado-coconut oil-quinoa smoothie is full of great nutrients – but if it doesn’t taste great, are you really going to drink it? A recent study found that in schools where flavoured milks were eliminated from lunch offerings, students were much less likely to get the nutrients they needed. We all know that we need to eat healthy diets, and finding healthy options that taste great is a big part of making sure that that happens.

Who knew that the best choice for post-workout refueling was right inside your refrigerator? Thanks to milk haulers who keep your local dairy supply fresh and stocked, the powerhouse that you need to replenish your body after a workout is always close at hand. Rich in so many of the nutrients your body needs, chocolate milk definitely packs a punch, delivering concentrated benefits with less of the bulk (is that the perfect workout mantra or what?).

Bob Carr

Bob Carr

Bob Carr has a long history with the Wadhams family and Wadhams Enterprises. He currently works as Director of Sales for ARG Trucking Corp, as well as for this milk hauling division, ETW.