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Trends In The Milk Hauling Industry: Managing Changes To Deliver Consistent & Efficient Service

Maximizing efficiency involves managing costs while maintaining great quality. In the dairy industry, this means coordinating the needs of farmers with the logistical demands of consistent and frequent transportation. It also means being aware of trends in the milk industry, and anticipating and controlling how these will affect operations. The best milk hauling companies manage these through the following strategies and measures:

Larger Equipment

Having large trucks with voluminous tanks helps ensure efficient and reliable service. It means that drivers can make fewer trips to move the same volume. To be able to offer this level of service, the hauler must have strong, experienced drivers who can safely manage large vehicles and heavy liquid loads.

Comprehensive Logistics

Dairy is a daily commitment. Coordinating multiple daily milk collections and deliveries, often within small windows of availability—when farmers are not actively milking—demands strong dispatchers and a team of dependable drivers. Delays at processing plants are not uncommon, and these can cause backups, sometimes pushing drivers to their hours-of-service limits. Bigger hauling companies have the staff and equipment needed to adapt by, for instance, being able to send relief drivers or re-route trucks as the need arises, thereby solving problems before they escalate.

Strong Partnerships

Reliable service also means meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our industry partners: farmers and processors. Farmers need prompt and reliable service that allows them to focus on what they do best—caring for cows and producing great milk. Processors need haulers who are timely and reliable in their deliveries, and who observe stringent health and safety protocols. Strong hauling companies understand these needs, and rise to meet them.

Ensuring strong and dependable performance for our industry partners means understanding their needs and providing the equipment and personnel to meet those needs. It also means coordinating many variables and managing uncertainties in an industry where the needs remain constant but the road can present unexpected challenges. The best hauling companies are equipped to handle these issues for a seamless transfer from farm to plant.