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What Type Of Trucking Is Best For You? Milk Hauling VS Transport Trucking

If you think that all trucking is the same, think again! Depending on the type of transport you provide, driving a truck can offer almost as much variety in lifestyle as there are goods to haul. Milk hauling, for example, offers more regularity and predictability, but for drivers seeking the adventure of the open road, with its variable schedule and itinerary, transport trucking may offer more interest in terms of variety of sights and workload.

So, how do you decide which type is for you? To give you a sense of what to expect from each of two main types of trucking, we’ve compiled a list of some of the main differences between milk hauling and transport truck driving. Think about the features you enjoy most from your work, and see which list you identify with most strongly. You may be surprised at how easily truck driving matches up with your lifestyle.

Milk Hauling may be for you if:

  • You love routine
    Dairy cows and farmers never go on holidays, and neither do milk haulers. Milk hauling is all about consistent routine and regular pickups. If you love work with a consistent schedule, where you always know where you’ll be, milk hauling offers the regularity and predictability you crave.
  • You’re a morning person
    More often than not, milk routes begin in the early hours of the morning. If you’re a night-owl who prefers breakfast around noon, milk hauling may not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, it’s tough to beat a job that begins with the beautiful sight of dawn emerging from the horizon. If you enjoy the quiet solitude of early mornings on the farm, dairy hauling offers unbeatable peace and tranquility.
  • You like building relationships
    Just like regularity in schedule, milk hauling offers the chance to build rapport with the farmers and producers you meet on a regular basis. Since work routes usually stay consistent, you can count on seeing the same people frequently, which can be rewarding for drivers who enjoy building relationships with customers.
  • You like sleeping in your own bed
    The regularity of a milk hauler’s schedule also means that he or she is rarely far from home, and can sleep in his/her own bed. That makes this work ideal for drivers with families or young children, or for “homebodies” who don’t want to wander too far afield.
  • You enjoyed your high school science labs
    Milk hauling is more than just moving milk; it also involves observing samples to ensure quality and safety.
  • You’re all about cleanliness and precision
    Milk testing demands rigorousness in terms of cleanliness and precision – you’re hauling food, after all. Milk haulers are responsible for maintaining and thoroughly cleaning their equipment, and for accurately sampling the milk. If you’re more relaxed than methodical in your approach to either, you may find that transport truck driving is more up your alley, since it’s less demanding when it comes to procedure and paperwork.

Transport Truck Driving may be for you if:

  • You thrive on change
    Unlike milk hauling, transport truck driving is full of change; seasonal business and economic changes can create busy seasons, which makes for greater variety in driving schedules and routes. If you like work that is never the same twice, transport trucking offers a wide variety of possibilities.
  • You love exploring
    Along with a variable schedule and workload comes frequent change in landscape; because transport trucking goes wherever our customers need to go, you get the chance to travel new routes and see new sights all the time – perfect for those who believe that variety is the spice of life.
  • You enjoy the journey as much as the destination
    While milk haulers tend to stay pretty close to their normal work route and don’t wander far afield, transport truck drivers sometimes travel long distances and may sleep several nights in their truck while on a job. For drivers who feel at home on the road, and those interested in covering a lot of distance, transport trucking can make every job feel like a road trip.
  • You’re attached to your own wardrobe
    As part of the job requirement of handling a food product, milk haulers have a specific dress code for their work. If you prefer to wear your own threads, transport trucking is much less particular when it comes to dress code while driving—you must be in full uniform when you get out of the truck.

Whether you crave the stability of a regular work routine, or the excitement of ever-changing itineraries, trucking offers many different possibilities, challenges, and benefits to suit your priorities. Pick the right kind of trucking for your lifestyle, and the rest is smooth sailing.

Bob Carr

Bob Carr

Bob Carr has a long history with the Wadhams family and Wadhams Enterprises. He currently works as Director of Sales for ARG Trucking Corp, as well as for this milk hauling division, ETW.