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About ETW

Earl T. Wadhams, Inc.

ETW – short for Earl T. Wadhams, Inc. – is the milk hauling arm of the Wadhams group of family-owned businesses. We provide reliable daily pick of raw milk from farms in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and transport it to processing plants in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Ohio.


ETW runs seven days a week, 365 days a year, covering around 850 farms, because dairy cows don’t take a holiday from producing milk. By extension, we don’t either. Our milk haulers are out on their route every day—rain, sun or snow.

Our Mandate

Like our general commodity division: Rist Transport LTD., and bulk fuel division: ARG Trucking Corp., ETW is built on a foundation of respect, reliability, flexibility and customer service. We also add in honesty and integrity. And that’s what keeps our business growing and our customers returning. They know our policies and that this is a family-owned and operated business. They appreciate that when we tell them we’re going to do something we do it, and if we don’t (‘cause things do go wrong), we’re going to make good on it.

Flexibility and Reliability

What Makes A Flexible and Reliable Partner?

Dairy farmers and ETW go together like dairy cows and milk. It is a co-dependent situation. So, when we know that our milk farmers need help, we’re there to support them to the best of our ability. For example, right now the market for milk in the Northeast is saturated for a number of reasons. This means our customers may need to ship milk to many different areas to sell their milk. Since raw milk must reach its destination as quickly as possible in order to remain fresh, it is important for us, as their carrier, to be flexible enough to accommodate this need.

Equipped To Succeed

Fortunately, ETW carries a large enough roster of drivers and the right equipment to make a non-stop trip to a more remote market without violating hours of service (HOS) limitations. That means that when our first driver completes their legal driving hours, we can have another driver ready to take over and transport our customer’s milk load to the processing plant on time. We also have the requisite overload permits to operate in various states. We pride ourselves on our ability to ship big loads into big markets and small loads into smaller markets. We have the flexibility to deliver to multiple states and locations.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of 125+ tractors and 200 tankers includes several types of vehicle for transporting raw milk and delivering it to the processing plant. They include straight trucks for mountainous regions, small tandem axle trailers, large tri-axle trailers and transport trailers. The greater the amount of axles, the larger the amount of milk the truck can haul. We maintain a large fleet of these vehicles, which allows us to be more flexible to the needs of our customers.

Need a Quote? Looking to Expand Your Area of Delivery? Email ETW Sales Directly!

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